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Create your own version of Flappy


Since the disappearance of the ever so popular flappy bird, there were a lot of game that existed which bears the same design and style of play like what the flappy bird has. The flappy bird was only released for 28 days then the creator removed it from the app stores which send millions of subscribers to a sort of panic and people who were able to download the game were selling their devices that have the original flappy bird game at a higher price than usual.

Because of the wonderful and simple design of the game and how easy the mechanics were, a lot of people were interested in downloading it but never had a chance. Instead, they just settled for the copied version of the game which is almost the same as the original flappy birds.

Your very own flappy game version

With the technology that is available to us today, anybody has the capacity to design a version of the flappy game. Creating the same game as a flappy bird would be a lot easier since the design is not complicated at all and there were a lot of copies of the game that were published ahead of time. Games like flappy football is a prime example of a flappy bird game clone version. The only thing that is unique with this game is the background of the game and the character which is a soccer ball. However, the controls and the mechanics of the game are virtually the same, including the obstacles as well.

Therefore, in designing your own game, it is a good idea that you take inspiration from the games that are already popular which have a simple design but offers a great challenge to the players so that you wouldn’t have any difficulty in achieving the success that you are dreaming of.

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