Flappy football medical

The medical usage of the flappy football

Hand to eye coordination is one of the most affected abilities of a human being that disappears whenever he or she experiences a debilitating disease that affects the human brain. Diseases like, cardiovascular accidents, dementia and other brain injury that affects the overall physical function of the human being. It is quite unfortunate that there are a lot of individuals who suffers from these illnesses that do not find a solution to alleviate their overall health condition.

However, medical personnel’s have been doing some research about incorporating video games in the rehabilitation process of these clients that can help in the process of the recovery of their clients physical condition. These games are not complicated and do not require much physical movement but is enough to stimulate the brain which would be the main focus of the rehabilitation process.

Stimulating the mental capacity of the client

With games like flappy football, the medical society is very hopeful that this game is able to yield positive results since normal individuals who pay the game have improved their visual acuity and hand to eye coordination abilities. The theory behind this method is that games like the flappy football requires the player to focus on the game and react with the game using their hand to eye coordination. Once they are properly stimulated on that particular aspect, it is expected that the brain will react to it even if their physical capacity is still slow to react to what the brain perceives.

Ultimately, allowing clients to experience the excitement of the game can help in the overall recovery of both the physical and mental aspect of the client that will ultimately translate to a degree of improvement in their overall physical status. Using the free application called flappy football, rehabilitating clients can now have an opportunity to have fun instead of getting bored with the process of their rehabilitation program. This will also help the therapist in making their clients more participative with their care and can help a sense of independence to each client.

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