Flappy bird

Being a Copycat has some disadvantages

Since the removal of the flappy bird game application, there were a lot of game app developers that made copies of the original game and something that is quite the same with flappy bird game. It is unfortunate that the flappy bird game was removed from the app store but it is also unfortunate that the game was being copied and being published on the same app store where the original version was removed in the first place. Although the blame cannot be placed to the people who download these copycat games, still it could not be avoided that they contribute to the overall success of these copied game application.

Developers have sacrificed so much so that they can earn and give a quality program that could be enjoyed by the consumers. But these copied games are destroying the plans of these honest developers in providing the best for all individuals who download game applications from the app store.

Here are the bad things about being a copied version

Primarily, the game has no originality. Even though it features a more advance theme compared to the original, it cannot compare to what the original is all about. It may attract players that play such games but it will not ultimately satisfy the player who seeks the original version of the game.

There are infringements to be aware of. Like plagiarism, creating a game requires that it should be an original. Unfortunately, this copy right infringement law is often by pass or overlooked because the copied game in untraceable.

Clones of the game are bad for business – the flappy bird was first of its kind to be cloned. Because of its popularity, games like flappy football were created. Although the game offers some level of fun and excitement, it is not right to play a game that is copied from another.

Certainly, there are a lot of games out there that were clones of other great games which has now become very popular compared to the original version and something has to be done with it.

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