Degree of Difficulty

Degree of Difficulty is Important

Games like the flappy bird, flappy football and other games which have the same playing style and mechanics are so popular and fun to play with and player who play the game really recommend them to other fellow gamers which makes the games become more popular. Why is this so? Why these games do are attracted so much attention from almost all individuals are downloading this game app and continuously playing them?

On the other hand, in every game, the player is always looking for its challenging feature. This is where the player is tested with his skills in playing a game. Although the game is very difficult, still the player will strive to do his best in order to win. Unfortunately, some of the players can’t win and becomes frustrated with the flappy football game that they stop playing it. However, there are people who loves the challenge and they keep on playing the game till they beat it.

Well, the reason behind why these games are so popular is because of two reasons.

The first reason is the mechanics of the game. The style of play is very easy; you only need to use one button to control the character of the game in order to avoid the obstacles that the game is presented at every stage. This is one of the attractions of the game and players surely appreciate how easy the game is being played.

Secondly, the degree of the game’s difficulty is also one of the best reasons why these games are so popular. Although, the player only needs one hand to control the character yet it is still difficult to maneuver the character through the obstacles of the game. As the player continues to progress to the later stages of the game, the speed of the game also increases which also increases the difficulty of the game.

Ultimately, each player really liked to be challenge at any level. These games, although very easy to control still offers a degree of difficulty which is very challenging to anyone who likes to play video games.

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