The flappy bird fever has not only affected or inspired other game applications but has also attracted other developers to create a sports themed flappy bird like the flappy football. This is a football game that was inspired by the game flappy bird. It applies the same concept as what the flappy bird has and of course, it also brings the fun of the game with it. The football game is also a very popular game starred by players like Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr. and other players. However, the flappy football is a unique game that applies both the concept of football and the popular flappy bird game.

The great features of the game

There are a lot of nice things that is featured on this game and first of all it is worth mentioning that the first that you would see in the game is the football arena, a very colorful and animated football arena which is very pleasing to the eyes. On the other hand, instead of seeing a bird, the character of the game is a football. At the beginning of the game, the ball will just float if the player will not click on the mouse’s left button and the game will not progress as well. These are the basic things that you can see at the interface of the game.

Once the player clicks on the mouse’s left button, he game will start moving and the ball will start falling as well. Like the concept of the flabby bird, this game also requires the player to keep the ball afloat by clicking the left mouse key. For a few seconds, the player is allowed to sort of practice how the ball is being kept afloat so he will have an idea what are the mechanics of the game and how he should react to the game. The game will gradually show obstacles, the obstacles are also the same with what the flappy bird has. The player must be able to guide the football through the gaps of the each pipe without fail.

The player will gain a point once he is able to pass through one pipe and as he continues to do so, he will gain more scores are well. However, the player will not be able to continue to play the game in the football hits any part of the pipes or fall on the ground. As mentioned earlier, the player needs to keep the ball afloat and this can only be achieved by clicking on the left mouse key. Unlike other games that has three to five tries and a checkpoint to make the progress of the game more of a possibility. The flappy football game will always restart once the player hits any part of the games interface.

Overall, the flappy football is almost a complete copy of the original game the flappy bird. However, with the new environment that it features and the unique character it has, the flappy football has somehow have a new twist for this popular game and surely, fans and players if the game are certainly enjoys the game as it should be.

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